Pennzoil Platinum Oil Review – Buyer’s Guide & Top Choices

June 19, 2017

You want the most effective synthetic substances that will make sure your engine gets the toughness and sturdiness it takes to serve you in regards to motor oil. You do not need to simply go about pouring only anything into your auto or bike engine.

Utilizing the liquids that are right even reduces the degradation and will help you in maintaining your engine for prolonged intervals. It's necessary to be familiar with the brand that you're pouring into your engine. It also will see the motor running with plenty of durabilities for a long time to come and will help you to decrease the odds of damage.

Technology has significantly improved the way we do things today. Now the engines in our cars have become a lot more complex a lot smaller and a lot more resourceful than before. The more engine is experiencing the more pressure that it's going to put on the oil to trouble.

This friction is what causes the wearing down of the motor. If this carries on to occur over a long amount of time, chances are the engine system would become very weak. This is the reason producers implore the synthetic oil that satisfies the engine to be bought by users.

The Pennz synthetic oil is among the most truly effective brands available on the market right now. It's resolute and high durability with the perfect viscosity for the engine.

When it comes to making operation oil with titanium, Pennzoil has exploded to be among the most truly effective brands. This oils help to keep the durability of all of the areas of your engine components. The oil brands available include the Pennzoil Platinum and ultra-platinum.

Top Rated Pennzoil Synthetic Oil

Top Rated Pennzoil Synthetic Oil - 2017 Reviews

Pennzoil 550038221 Platinum 5W-30 Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Pennzoil 550040865-6PK Ultra Platinum 5W-30

Our vehicles get strained a lot in today’s modern world. Engines are running all the time as we move back and forth from work. Every car needs some sort of maintenance in one way or the other. It could be in the form of an oil change or change of some parts.

On average, the oil needs to be changed every 3000 miles, but a switch to synthetic oil can make all the difference. For now, we’ll focus on one of the best performance Pennzoil synthetic oil and that’s Pennzoil 55040865-6PK Ultra Platinum 5W-30. Let’s look what it has to offer.


Uses Pureplus technology

Pureplus technology is a patented technology by Pennzoil. It’s a revolutionary process that turns pure natural gas into high quality, fully synthetic oil. The benefit of that is you get oil that has far less impurities compared to those that are made from crude oil. In addition, the oil helps keep the piston cleaner and provides better fuel economy. The Pureplus technology makes this oil one of the best performance Pennzoil synthetic oil.

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Pennzoil 550040865-6PK Ultra Platinum 5W-30

Pennzoil 550038221 Platinum 5W-30 Full Synthetic Motor Oil

We all know how important the engine of a car is in its functioning. No engine, no car. It’s important that we maintain this vital part as best as we can. One of the things that can be done is to change up the oil or at least use the best oil available in the market.

It is for this reason that we give you Pennzoil oil or at least the best priced Pennzoil Oil. Pennzoil 550038221 is fully synthetic motor oil that can definitely help your engine through better lubrication and it can give you more mileage before another oil change is needed. Let’s have a look at what makes the oil so good.


It can clean out engine sludge

Engine sludge isn’t as common now as it used to be back in the early 90’s, but it can still be a problem for your vehicle. Especially if you use worn out antifreeze and not changing your oil regularly. Engine sludge is basically a combination of oxidized oil and contaminants.

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Pennzoil 550038321 Platinum SAE 10W-30 Full Synthetic

Pennzoil 550038321 Platinum SAE 10W-30 Full Synthetic

Before we start the synthetic oil reviews, let’s talk about some certain wording in the naming of this oil, the API GF-5. We can explain this via a bit of a story, you see its regulations in vehicle design that have pushed the drive for new technology in the automotive industry.

The main aim of the push is to reduce carbon emissions that are caused by vehicles. In addition, these regulations were made to push for better fuel economy to satisfy consumer demand. With that said, supporting industries have also been forced to push for more innovation to meet the new designs.


The supporting industries such as the oil marketers and lubricant industries came together to form a new specification/standard with the ILSAC GF-5 being the latest one. As you can see, this latest standard ensures that the oil you buy improves the function and performance of your engine. In addition, it meets government regulation for the reduction in emissions.

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Pennzoil 550045193-3PK Ultra Platinum 5 quart 0W-20 Full Synthetic

Pennzoil 550045193-3PK Ultra Platinum 5 quart 0W-20 Full Synthetic

Synthetic motor oil can be some of the best oil for your engine. There is a reason why many countries and even the companies themselves have started offering rebates for the purchase of such oil. There are many different brands in the market.

For now, we’ll vouch for Pennzoil Ultra Platinum 0w-20 as one of the best synthetic oil in the market. This is because of the technology used to make it as well as how much good it does to the engine. Here are some of the features that this synthetic motor oil has.


It’s formulated with Pureplus technology

Pureplus technology is patented technology from Pennzoil. It’s through this technology that they formulate some of the best synthetic oil in the market. This oil uses natural gas combined with high-performance additives. The combination of the two ensures that your engine performs at the very best. In addition, it’s this technology that ensures that your engine stays cleaner as it produces fewer impurities compared to other brands.

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How to choose the best Pennzoil oil for your car?

Now, motor oils have started to evolve with the changing surroundings that the engine encounters. With each second that you spend on the street, your oils would start to respond to the requirements of your engine. There certainly are a number of things which you need to know about synthetic oil before using. Firstly, it's critical that you prevent it coming in touch with your eyes. It's also advisable to prevent the synthetic oils as this may lead to some responses that happen on the skin coming connected with your skin. It's necessary for you to get in contact with your dermatologist in the event that you've found any skin discomfort.

You need to ensure to dispose of it correctly, after utilizing the synthetic oils for the own motor engine. Do not merely lose the oil that is used everywhere, but attempts to look for a certified level of oil collection. All oils need to be kept away from kids plus it needs to be kept away from some kind of heat or fires. It's also wise to wear gloves when pouring oil in your automobile since this could leave stained. For each of the info you want on Pennzoil Synthetic oils, you can trust our website to give all of that you want to know.

Pennzoil Ultra Platinum

Pennzoil 550040865-6PK Ultra Platinum 5W-30

When it comes to synthetic motor oils, getting the best possible quality is imperative to keeping your vehicle live and active. You can literally damage your engine with the type of fluids that you put into it.

Using oil that is below standards or not up to the required levels would make your engine find it harder to work and use even more energy to get very simple tasks done. This is why it is very important for you to make use of Pennzoil Ultra Platinum motor oil. If you want the quality that you can trust and depend on, this is definitely the best choice for you to make.

The Pennzoil ultra-platinum is specifically designed in order to keep your pistons cleaner by up to 25%. In a lot of cases, the damages that occur to our engines are as a result of the dirt and mold build-up in the engine.

When an engine dries up and the residue is drained to the sump, there are dried up chunks of oil that remain around the pistons which are commonly referred to as sludge. In order to keep your engine active and fully functioning, you need to keep all of these parts to ensure your engine has the energy levels to activate. There is no other synthetic motor oil that would keep your engine cleaner than Pennzoil ultra-platinum oil.

In the modern motor market, a very high percentage of all cars require a synthetic liquid. This means that synthetics are a lot more relevant than most people realize. Pennzoil has grown a reputation for exceeding the standards of the industry and performing better than the competition in the demand for motor oil. The oil is smooth and has the right levels that are required to breakdown viscosity and maintain stability within the engine.

By now you must be wondering how Pennzoil manages to get the best quality all the time. All of this boils down to the innovate technology that is used in producing the synthetic oils. The company uses a Pureplus trademarked technology that converts natural gas into a base oil that is conditioned for up to 99.5%. After this, the oil is combined technically with some high performance additives. This ensures that your car engine has the energy that it requires to perform optimally every single time you turn on the ignition.

Apart from cleaning up the engine, Pennzoil ultra-platinum oil also has the ability to provide protection to your motor vehicle engine like never before. You don’t want an oil that would contribute to the breakdown of your engine. You want one that is able to ensure your protection for years to come. This particular oil lasts for long in between oil changes and does not overload your engine. If you are looking for a synthetic that you can trust to give a high performance every single time, then this is the best that you should go for. It gives you unparalleled quality.

Pennzoil Platinum

Pennzoil has developed a reputation in recent times for producing oils that are great in quality and service to improve the overall quality of the engine. If you are looking for a synthetic that can significantly increase the lifespan of your engine, then this is definitely the brand that you should go for.

The brand has developed a lot of popularity in recent times because of its ability to produce high-quality oils that enhance the durability of an engine. This synthetic oil has been made using a revolutionary technology that ensures it is ahead of the pack every single time.

The company has made use of a PurePlus technology that is patented and also improved the revolutionary way of transforming gases to liquid in which the company makes use of natural gas to convert to synthetic oil. This means that the oils that you will use for your car was first in a gaseous form, but has now been converted into a liquid that suits every single engine.

Pennzoil 550038321 Platinum SAE 10W-30 Full Synthetic

This oil is the highest possible grade when it comes to synthetics and there are very few on the market that can come close to this. Also, since the oil has first been derived from natural gas, it is crystal clear in terms of appearance. It also has very little of the impurities that are naturally found in crude oil, which is perhaps one of the reasons why it is so pure. Unlike all other synthetics that are derived from crude oil, this oil is in its purest form, and this is what gives it the edge over the competitors.

Apart from the technology used in creating this oil, it has been mixed with additives that give the oil a high performing ingredient. This means that it has the chemical composition that is required to supply your engine with the vitality that it required. This oil has been specially formulated for the protection of a motor engine and it would see you use your engine for many years to come without any form of damage. Without any form of compromise, Pennzoil Platinum synthetic oil has been made from the finest of components that would give your engine the edge.

Pennzoil Platinum Pure Plus for 5W engines is one of the best on the market because it is pure in nature. If you are looking for an oil that can give you the best performance, then this Pennzoil Platinum Plus review is the best piece for you to be reading right now. There is also a Pennzoil Platinum Pure Plus for 10W-30 engines and the Pennzoil Platinum Pure Plus for 0W engines depending on your needs and requirements.

The product also comes with a warranty, ensuring that you are getting the best out of it and not risking any form of damage to your motor engine. If you are looking for a synthetic oil that you can trust, then Pennzoil is definitely one brand that you can trust.

Why should you use synthetic oils?

Why should you use synthetic oils

One question that a lot of car owners tend to find themselves asking is whether or not they should be using synthetic oils in the first place. The basic components that a synthetic oil should possess are the right viscosity and additives. However, there is the claim to whether you should be using a synthetic oil in the first place. This is why there is commonly an argument between using synthetic or conventional oils. Also, there is the question of whether the extra protection that a man made oil gives you is worth the additional expense that buyers are made to pay.

So then what is the difference between the synthetic oil and the conventional oil? To gain a full understanding of this, you need to first know how the synthetic oil differs from every other form. The regular oil that is used for motors is derived from crude oil. This is the form of oil in its most natural base and it is extracted from the ground. After extraction, it is refined to a great extent in order to remove the impurities that come from the ground.

After the refining of the oil, it is blended with a number of other chemicals before it can be completed and placed on the shelf of an auto store. However, there is a claim that no matter how refined your oil is, there will always be a build-up of impurities in the engine after it has run for a while. This is because oil is a natural substance, and so it naturally carries around some impurities. The natural elements that are contained in oil like paraffin, silicone, waxes, and dirt. With all of this occurring, it is only natural that such substances would be formed inside the engine.

As opposed to this, synthetic oils are man-made and they are created with a number of chemicals that are added to ensure quality. They are more stable when it comes to temperature and does not thin out easily when it is exposed to heat or thicken when the weather is cold. The viscosity of oil changes with regards to the temperature and this is why synthetic oils are specially formulated with the viscosity in mind. A lot of manufacturers these days offer synthetic oil blends, which are alterations to synthetic oils. Even though they are quite good, they do not offer as much protection as the standard synthetic oils.

If you are looking for the best synthetic oils, you must ensure that you get the brands that give you the right qualities and viscosity that would enable you to get the most out of your engine. Our Pennzoil synthetic oil review features all of the information that you need in order to push your engine to its limits. You also need to keep any eye out for the oils that offer more in terms of durability to your engine because it may degrade over time. This is why the revitalizing quality of an oil is very essential.

What are the advantages of using a synthetic oil?

One of the biggest benefits that come with using a synthetic oil is the presence of a molecular consistency. Since the oil is naturally impure, the conventional lubricants are created with molecules that all come in different lengths and sizes.

There are different sizes of hydrocarbon chains ranging from the smallest to medium sized and even to the long hydrocarbon chains. However, when it comes to synthetic oils you only have medium sized molecules.

The problem that comes up with regular conventional oil is that the other sizes of molecules often burn off when they get too hot. This means that your oil is very likely to thicken when deposited in an engine.

advantages of using a synthetic oil

Also, synthetic oils have the ability to higher temperatures much better than a conventional lubricant. If you are looking for heat transference than synthetic oils are the best you can find. They would actually help your engine to run much cooler. This is very good because you need your engine to remain cool when you are stuck in traffic or when you are speeding on the highway. Since synthetic oils are more resistant to breaking down, they are often regarded as more robust than your regular lubricants.

This is the biggest benefit that comes with using a synthetic oil. When it comes to maintenance of temperature, you need an oil that does not spare anything in terms of performance. This means that with a brand like Pennzoil, you are very likely to have a higher drain interval which is up to four times different from your regular form of oil. This is why synthetic oils are usually more expensive than regular oils. For companies like Pennzoil, you can see drain intervals of up to 15,000, which is amongst the best that you can get on the market right now.

Also, if you are wondering whether synthetic oils would help you to get better fuel economy, this is very true. A good synthetic oil helps to improve the fuel economy of your car. However, you shouldn’t exactly be looking for the largest difference in efficiency. Usually, it would be a difference of just 2 or 3 percent, but this can be a lot if you are looking at it in the long run. Synthetic oils over time have become much lighter than before and this means that the oil is much easier to pump, giving less stress to your engine. With such oils, your engine is using up less energy to pump oil and it can focus on powering up your motor.

There are some additives that are in your synthetic oil that help to improve the performance of the oil and also increase the durability of your engine. You need an oil that can keep your engine in the best shape possible because there would be a lot of weather changes over the course of the year, so you need to be in the best shape possible to get through this.

Rumors of synthetic oils

There are a lot of rumors that come with using synthetic oils for your motor. While some of them have a little bit of substance to them, a lot of them, on the other hand, are rubbish. One of such is that synthetics are usually more expensive than your conventional oil choices, and this is completely true. In a lot of cases, synthetic oils are much more expensive that other oils and this are because they offer you better fuel economy for your motor and even longer drain intervals. In a lot of cases, the expenditure that you are facing would be justified by the performance you are getting.

A lot of the other downsides you would hear about synthetic oil is really not true. One of such untrue statements is that if you have been using a vehicle with conventional oil, you can't use synthetic oil. This is not correct. You can change to a synthetic oil whenever you like depending on your needs. Also, people say that you shouldn’t use synthetic oils on cars that are much older, but this is really not true. Nowadays, technology has made it more possible for the manufacturers of synthetic oils to pay attention to the compatibility of seals. These days, seals and gaskets don’t get hardened or burnt anymore due to oil issues. This is probably what originated the issue of synthetic oils not being compatible.

In a lot of cases, not all the synthetic oils that you find are equal. This is why we recommend Pennzoil Platinum and ultra-platinum. They offer you the best strength and high performance that your engine needs to give it the boost that is required. Pennzoil Synthetic is a lot slicker than the regular oils and they allow your engine to operate much cooler and smoother than regular oils. This means that you can get even more mileage on your car and much more horsepower. You must also remember to keep in mind the required drain interval that comes with the oil of your choice. You don’t want to keep an oil in your engine for too long if not it would start to develop sludge and other contaminants that can affect the performance of your engine. This is why our Pennzoil review gives you all the information that is needed to have the best quality oil for your car.

The product also comes with a warranty that ensures your vehicle does not get damaged prematurely. With every gallon of Pennzoil that you use for your vehicle, you can be sure that you are getting the best in terms of durability. Your motor vehicle would run for longer and even more efficiently with the use of this oil. Also, you don’t have to worry about the formation of sludge or other forms of dirt inside your engine. It has the capability to clean up your engine and have it running like a brand new engine.

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