Castrol Synthetic Oil Reviews: How To Protect Your Car In 2017

June 17, 2017
Castrol Synthetic Oil Reviews and Reviews

When it comes to motor oil, you need the best synthetic substances that can ensure your engine has the strength and durability that it needs to serve you. You don’t want to just go about pouring just anything into your car or motorcycle engine.

Using the right liquids can help you maintain your engine for extended periods and even reduces the degradation. It is important to know the brand that you are pouring into your engine. It will help you to reduce the chances of damage and would see your engine running with a lot of strength for many years to come.

Technology has greatly advanced the way we do things these days. Nowadays the engines in our vehicles are becoming a lot smaller, a lot more advanced and even more resourceful than before. The more an engine is experiencing trouble the more pressure that it will put on the oil.

This friction is what causes the wearing down of the engine. If this continues to happen over an extended period of time, it is likely to make the engine system very week. This is why manufacturers implore users to buy the synthetic oil that suits the engine. The Castrol Synthetic Oil is one of the top brands on the market right now. It is high strength and resolute with the perfect viscosity for your engine.​

Top Rated Castrol Synthetic Oil

Top Rated Castrol Synthetic Oil - 2017 Reviews

Castrol EDGE 5W-40 SPT Synthetic Motor Oil

Castrol 06112 Power1 10W-40 Synthetic 4T Motorcycle Oil

When you choose the right motor oil you make sure you are not going to face problems in the future. Among millions of motor oil offers there are some high-quality and exceptional options that reduce volatility and provide superior protection for critical engine parts, helping your vehicle operate efficiently at power.

So, meet the Castrol 06249 EDGE 5W-40 SPT Synthetic Motor Oil with a unique and proprietary formula. This oil is full synthetic oil, meaning crude oil is not used in making it. Let’s go deeper into details to discover its specifications, pros, and cons.


So, the high-quality Castrol EDGE 5W-40 SPT Synthetic Motor Oil has a weight of SAE 5W-40, which means that it has an SAE viscosity rating of 5 in cold temperatures and a rating of 40 at normal operating temperature. Before buying it, make sure you have checked your vehicle's owner's manual to verify that this is the correct weight of motor oil for your vehicle.

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Castrol EDGE 0W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil

Castrol 03101 EDGE 0W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil

It’s a well-known fact that engine oils need to be able to constantly respond to the ever-changing environments in your engine..If you want to purchase one of the best syndetic oils for your motorbike then you may consider the Castrol 03101 EDGE 0W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil. It’s here with a high-end and perfect performance and is ready to amuse you with its specifications.

Castrol EDGE provides the highest level of protection for critical engine parts helping your car to perform at its maximum. This is one of the most advanced full synthetic motor oil that offer a unique and incredibly awesome formula, which reduces volatility and provides superior protection for critical engine parts. It helps your vehicle operate efficiently at power.


Now, let’s see what specifications and features offer the Castrol 03101 EDGE 0W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil. So, The Castrol 03101 EDGE 0W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil comes with 42 percent better rating on fighting power-robbing deposits. It has a superior engine protection compared with many other conventional and synthetic blend oils.

That superior performance works against deposits, wear, and oxidation. This oil is great for BMW LL-01, Mercedes-Benz 229.5 and 229.3, Porsche A40, VW 505.00 and 502.00, Ford WSS-M2C937-A, PSA B71 2296. It is API SN/CF, ACEA A3, ACEA B3, ACEA B4, A3/B4 certified.

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Castrol EDGE Extended Performance 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil

Castrol 03087 EDGE Extended Performance 5W-30 Review

Among the most popular synthetic motor oils the Castrol EDGE Extended Performance stands out with its best engine wear protection and Titanium FST features that are the latest of Castrol technology.

Since motor oils are meant to constantly respond to the ever-changing environments in your engine you need to pick up the right oil according to your car’s vehicle. The chosen engine oil needs to be able to react to the needs of different metal-to-metal contact points in your engine.


It depends on the demands, pressures, and temperatures of the vehicle, that’s why it’s recommended to know what your vehicle requires. Castrol EDGE Extended Performance with Titanium FST oil is here to provide and incredible protection for critical engine parts as well as high-end and cool optimal performance - with the power to enable an extended drain interval of up to 15,000 miles.

The performance of the Castrol 03087 EDGE Extended Performance 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil is impressive. As for the power, it tends to maintain viscosity stability under the extreme force of your engine. The proprietary titanium additive in its turn provides unsurpassed wear protection. This oil meets GM dexos1 performance requirement and is ideal for Chrysler MS 6395, Ford WSS-M2C929-A, Ford WSS-M2C946-A, Honda HTO-06. It exceeds ILSAC GF-5, API SN, ACEA A1/A5, ACEA B1/B5.

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Castrol EDGE 5W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil

Castrol 03083 EDGE 5W-20

Oils we use for our engines are just as important, for the functioning of our cars, as a good engine is. Changing our engine oil regularly and choosing the right one is the key to having a perfect running engine. There are a wide variety of motor oils on the market, but how to choose the right one or the best Castrol synthetic oil?

In this review, we will be looking at the Castrol 03083 EDGE 5W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil its pros and cons of this product, so that you can determine whether this is the oil for you. And, we have a good feeling that you are going to choose this synthetic oil.


Highly adaptable

This Castrol motor oil adjusts to the changes in your engine that happens regularly. Engine oils should be highly responsive to the processes that are happening in our motor because while driving, oil needs to react to the metal. It needs to react to different temperatures and pressure heights in our engine. This allows you to drive your car in a more smooth and efficient way

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Castrol 03085 EDGE Extended Performance 10W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil

Castrol 03085 EDGE Extended Performance 10W-30

For most high mileage vehicles, one of the biggest concerns you will have to deal with from time to time is a failure in the catalytic converter. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most expensive to solve. In order to protect your engine and prevent constant wear and tear, phosphorous is a common additive in engine oils, yet it is a catalyst poison. You need the best motor oil ratings for your engine’s guaranteed longevity.

With this engine oil, however, it is specially designed with a lower phosphorous content than most of the conventional and high mileage oils you will come across. What this means for your engine is a longer lifespan. This is because you will barely have to deal with engine system failure or problems with the catalytic converter.


Better mileage

This engine oil delivers a higher and better performance in lubrication compared to most of the engine oils you will find. You, therefore, have cleaner oil and a cleaner engine than most. Therefore, in the long run, you will benefit from an improved fuel economy and you are also guaranteed better mileage on your engine before you have to consider repairs or replacement.

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Castrol 03101 EDGE 0W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil

Castrol 03101 EDGE 0W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil Review

Whenever you are looking to purchase quality synthetic oil, you have to be on the lookout for the sake of your vehicle. Synthetic motor oils are a worthy expense, especially if you want to make sure that you take the best care of your vehicle. Most automotive experts will actually advise you accordingly and insist on using synthetic lubricants because they offer premium performance for your engine, and take good care of the engine.

Castrol 03101 is no different. One of the reasons why this oil is ideal for your car’s engine is because of the consistency of the molecular structure and the cleanliness of the oil that is achieved through their processing. This oil is properly refined, engineered to remove inherent impurities like sulfur and wax from its content.


Compared to normal engine oils that are simply refined, this synthetic engine oil is uniquely engineered through proprietary technology to deliver a molecular structure that does not just keep your engine lubricated, but it also offers enhanced protection in different environmental conditions that your vehicle might be used in.

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Castrol 03129C EDGE 10W30 High Mileage Black

Castrol 03129C EDGE 10W30 High Mileage Review

For synthetic engine oils, you always want to get the best that money can buy. The engine environment your vehicle operates in is always changing. For this reason, you need engine oils that will adapt to these changes accordingly and protect your engine. As your vehicle moves from one place to another, the oil should interact with different contact points, and enable the engine to perform optimally irrespective of the pressure, temperature and other performance demands in its operating environment. This is where the best Castrol synthetic oil comes in handy.

This oil is made with cutting edge Fluid Titanium Technology that protects the important parts of your engine, thereby making sure you get optimal performance throughout. With this oil, your vehicle receives a drain interval boost of more than 10,000 miles, protecting the engine from viscosity breakdown.


Worried about the performance of your vehicle over time? This engine oil is specifically made to ease your worries. In case your vehicle has covered more than 75,000 miles, this engine oil makes sure that your car will still be able to deliver impressive performance on the road.

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How to choose the best synthetic oil for your car?

How to choose the best synthetic oil for your car

Castrol technologies has grown to be one of the top brands when it comes to producing performance oil with titanium FST. This oils help to maintain the strength of all the parts of your engine parts. The oil brands available include the Castrol edge 5w 20, 0w 20 and even the titanium edge brand. These oils help to protect your engine. Nowadays, engine oils have started to also develop with the changing environments that the engine experiences. With every second that you spend on the road, your oils would start to react to the demands of your engine.

There are a number of things that you need to know about synthetic oil before using. First of all, it is imperative that you avoid it coming in contact with your eyes. You should also avoid the synthetic oils coming in contact with your skin, as this can lead to some reactions that occur on the skin. If you have noticed any skin irritation, it is important for you to get in touch with your dermatologist.

After using the synthetic oils for your motor engine you must ensure to dispose of it properly. Don’t just discard the used oil anywhere, but try to look for an authorized point of oil collection. All oils should be kept away from children and it should be kept away from fires or any form of heat. You should also wear gloves when pouring oils into your vehicle because this can leave stained. For all the information you need on Castrol Synthetic oils, you can trust our website to give you all that you need.

Castrol Edge Motor Oil​

castrol synthetic oil

When it comes to top quality performance, Castrol Edge oil is the best that you can get. With the use of high innovation and technology, the company has been able to advance the performance of synthetic oils in creating these liquids. This new oil is a lot more powerful and efficient, giving extra life to your engines. If you want your engines to last longer, then this is the best oil for you. Castrol Edge oil also has the ability to increase the fuel economy of your engine. Vehicles and other motors tend to consume more fuels when they are not getting the right lubrication that they need. Without this lubrication, your engine would need to work twice as hard to get the job done. By using this particular motor oil, you would be providing your engine with the ability to work more efficiently and smoothly, thereby consuming a lot less energy.

If your engine has to work with more energy it needs to put more pressure on the oil and consume a lot more of it. This means that there is more metal contact on the parts of the engine that shouldn’t be coming in contact with each other and that is one of the reasons why a lot of engines do not last today.

Added Strength

If you are looking for a motor oil that has a lot more strength than the competitors, then this is the best for you. This particular oil is up to three times stronger when it comes to breaking down viscosity than a lot of the top oils on the market. With this particular oil, you will know that you are getting value for your money. Unlike other conventional oils, it burns longer and lasts for more time in your engine. This engine oil has been produced using the latest titanium technology. This innovation has changed the way that the oils would behave when they are subjected to intense pressure. This means that the film strength of the oil is doubled and it prevents the oil from breaking down a lot more and reducing the friction that is present in the engine in order to give your engine the maximum performance.

Our oils have been tested using the HFRR friction tests and it has shown that it has even twice the film strength of regular oils and our previous oils.

In this Castrol Edge Oil review, we will be taking a look at some of the top Castrol products on the market. No matter your type of engine, there is an oil for you. Each oil is specially formulated to give your car, motorcycle, truck or even generator the strength that it needs. Castrol Oils are produced with one thing in mind, and that is preserving the durability of your engine. You don’t want an oil that can’t provide you with the strength that your engine needs. You need an oil that you can depend on and would preserve your engine to last even longer.

Castrol Edge 5W 20 Review

With the ever changing environment and terrain, there is a lot more strain on our engines, whether vehicles or other motor systems, to perform even better. This means that our engine oils have to be able to respond to the changes in the environment. In situations where there is heat, your engine oil must be able to resist burning up too quickly. If it burns up too quickly, it means that you are likely to run out of oil in the engine very quickly. Also, if the weather is too cold, you need your engine to be able to provide the system with the heat that it needs.

With every single moment and passing second that you are driving your motor, the engine oil must be able to respond to the fast changes that are occurring. There would be definite metal on metal contact that is occurring within the engine, and your motor should be able to respond to the many demands of your engine. The pressures and temperatures should also be able to be regulated by your motor oil. This Castrol Edge motor oil has the ability to do just that and enhance the performance of your engine like you have never seen before.

The technology used in making this oil has ensured that it gives you unrivaled protection for all the parts of your engine, ensuring that you have the best possible performance that you need from your vehicle. It will also give you the strength that your motor needs for a drain interval of up to 15,000 miles. This means that your engine would be stronger than ever when you make use of this oil. There have been a lot of independent tests conducted which have shown that the Castrol Edge oils are even stronger than the Mobil 1 Extended oils and have a higher performance in terms of breaking down viscosity which is the ultimate test of strength for oils.


  • Enhanced Performance: This Castrol Edge oil has the ability to provide your engine with the strength that it needs to run for up to 15,000 miles in between oil changes. This means that your motor vehicle does not stand the chance of breaking down when there is long period in between your oil changes. This reduces the chance of damages occurring within the engine.

  • More power: This oil comes with more muscle that is needed to supply the viscosity stability within the engine. When your engine is using much force, you need an oil that is able to cope with all of the strains that are coming.

  • Protection: Apart from just supplying power and pushing your engine to the limits, this oil has the ability to protect your engine with its proprietary titanium particles that have been added to protect your engine against wear and tear.

Why not choose an oil that has shown superb performance for all tests and viscosity. It is important to remember to change the oil of your motor vehicle from time to time to ensure it lasts even longer.

Castrol OW 20 Review

The driving conditions we experience nowadays have telling effects on our motor vehicle engines. Conditions like heavy traffic and even the low quality effect can have a drastic effect on the entire performance of your engine. This is one reason why you need to ensure you are putting in only the best into your engine. When your motor vehicle is in a dense traffic or uses bad fuel or even just goes through terrible weather conditions, it can cause a build-up of a substance that bears a resemblance to tar. This substance which is known as sludge can rob your engine of its energy and power, all of which have long term effects on the longevity of your vehicle as a whole.

The Castrol OW 20 oil has the ability to prevent the build-up of such substances, which reduces the effects on your engine. With this, there are less deposits of oil around the engine which would allow the entire unit to function more smoothly. It also provides daily care and protection for your engine as a whole. If you are looking to get the best out of your vehicle engine and increase its longevity, then you should be looking for the Castrol OW 20 brand. If you want to get more miles from your engine and extend its entire lifespan, then this is the best oil for you to use. You are always ahead when you make use of Castrol OW 20 Edge oil. It is the oil that truly gives you the edge.

Extending your engine life

Castrol Edge OW 20 is developed specifically in order to clean away the build-up of sludge within and around your engine. This sludge is what blocks some of the parts of your engine, making it work inefficiently. This oil is a lot tougher than others in terms of industry standards. It has also been tested in engines that have high deposits, ensuring that it is the best for your engine maintenance needs.


  • Ultimate protection: In terms of engine protection and preservation, there are very few oils that can come close to this. This oil is very useful in the breakdown of all sludge formation in your engine, ensuring that your engine is able to run smoothly and effectively. It is also able to protect your engine against high levels of viscosity and thermal breakdowns.

  • Top quality: If you are looking for a brand that does not compromise on quality, then you should definitely be looking towards this. It also has a few anti wear additives that will extend the lifespan of your engine. This makes your engine more healthy and able to serve you longer.

  • Reduced Consumption: Have you noticed that your vehicle consumes a lot of fuel and oils, this is probably because of the stress it is going through and sludge formations. This oil helps to reduce the consumption behaviour of your motor. You will see results within just a couple of hours.

If you are looking for a leading brand when it comes to motor oils, then Castrol is the best for you. It is available in several countries and the company has a lot of years’ experience when it comes to producing top quality lubricants. Castrol has helped a lot of drivers to protect their engines for up to 20 years. They have done this by offering products that give the driver the best possible protection from the moment they turn on the engine. The greatness of the oil isn’t easily replicable though, as it is brought about by years of experience and innovative technology. For example, the Castrol oil has been built with molecules that are able to cling to the essential parts of your engine in order to reduce the wearing down of your motor.

When it comes to engine care, there can be a lot of damage that is occurring without the owner even knowing. One factor that a lot of people do not know is that 75% of all engine wear is occurs when you are warming up the vehicle. A lot of the oils get drained from the essential parts of the engine when it is turned off, and they usually need time to get back to the right temperature when you turn on the engine. This means that if you are just driving the car around for 20 minutes or less, your engine is exposed to damage for the most part of the trip. It is therefore necessary for you to use the best oils in order to give your engine the power that it needs.

Our Castrol edge oil review has featured all the essential parts of engine care that you need to know in order to purchase the best oil. A lot of Castrol edge synthetic oil reviews do not feature the essential parts of engine care that you should know about, but this isn’t the case with us.

For Castrol, it isn’t just about working hard, but about working smart. This is why all their oils have been specially formulated with molecular components that set it apart from other kinds of engine oils. The oil contains molecular aspects that enable it to cling to the engine throughout your drive and even when the engine of your car is turned off. In a lot of cases, when you turn off the car the oil is drained back into the sump, but this oil doesn’t. The oil is able to provide your engine with the protection that it needs when you start and even through the warm up.

The engine oil provided by Castrol has the ability to cling unto the parts of the engine that are critical even when all the oil is drained down into the sump. Also, it adds a layer of protective coating during the warm up process and even beyond that. In all, the oil has the ability to dramatically reduce the wearing down of your engine. It also leaves the part of your engine up to four times smoother.

Our Castrol Edge Extended performance review is not a biased one. We have featured all of the Pros and Cons that you need to know before making a purchase. Let us take a look at a few of them.


  • The Castrol engine oil has the ability to provide your engine with the strength that it needs to perform optimally. When using this oil, your engine can last for up to 15,000 miles between changes. This means that you can go for longer without having to put new oil in your vehicle. This comes in very handy for those people that are likely to forget to top off their oil from time to time.

  • It is also very good at maintaining the viscosity levels and stability under the force of your engine. When an engine performs at its highest strength, temperatures and other factors make it to be more susceptible to damage. This quality helps to ensure your engine is at the right stability levels to perform optimally at all times.

  • The titanium molecules and other additives would supply your engine with the unlimited protection it needs. You don’t need engine oils that would still leave your engine feeling vulnerable. You need engine oils that you can trust to always supply you with the strength that you need to perform.

  • It isn't just about the product sometimes, but also about the services. The product comes with a warranty for the users in case you aren’t getting the value that you need. It also offers a support system that allows you to contact the company for any questions that you may have with regards to the product. It is the services that you get from using a product that give you rest of mind in order to make a purchase.


  • It can't all be ups, sometimes there are downsides. The only downside we can find about this product is that the pressure in the oil may reduce from time to time because of its texture. Since the oil is very rich in properties, it tends to be a little bit thick. It then increases the pressure on the oil.

There are also different pack sizes with respect to your needs. If you want to buy a large amount of the oil, there is a size applicable to you as well. The design of the pack is also stylish and attractive. It gives you that rush of energy and zest that comes with buying a new product.

If you have been worrying about the performance of your vehicle, then you should definitely consider using this oil. It will not only improve your all round performance, but will also give you the qualities needed to maintain your engine for a very long period. It also comes with a warranty so you don’t have to worry about the safety of using the product. At an affordable price, this is definitely good quality for your money.

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